Student Research Supervisor
Alden Boby Number Plate Detection in Different Environments using Generative Adversarial Networks Dr Dane Brown
Keagan Ellenberger Finding point sources in Dirty images Dr Dane Brown
Liam Head Learning to Function Functionally Within a Gamified Environment Dr Yusuf Motara
Mantone Madikgetla Optimizing the performance of a self-tuning Linux kernel using genetic algorithms James Connan
Marc Marais Swing and Head Synchronisation in Golf using Video Analysis Dr Dane Brown 
Jamela Ndhlovhu Push-Up Form Analysis in Videos Dr Dane Brow
Mpho Saba A mobile blockchain-based application for record-keeping in branchless banking services for farmers in Qunu Prof Nomusa Dlodlo
Live Tembiso Investigating cost-effective computing infrastructure for schools/community centres using Raspberry PIs Dr Zelalem Shibeshi
Rodney Tholanah Implementation of energy-efficient routing protocols for infrastructure-less Opportunistic networks Dr Zelalem Shibeshi


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