Student Research Supervisor
Etienne Banza Integrating Facial verification as an additional layer of security at ATM’s  Josh van Staden
Tyler Baxter Simulating Hazard Dynamics in South African Underground Coal Mines: A Comprehensive Agent-Based Modeling Approach  Prof Karen Bradshaw
Roland Chuma Quantifying the accuracy of deep learning models in counting people in public environments using CCTV footage  Josh van Staden
Wynne Edwards Visualizing underlying priorities within hierarchical models  Dr Yusuf Motara
Timothy Fischer Using NIO to improve Inter-process Communication in Java  Prof George Wells
Njabulo Gogwana Computational Thinking Artifacts for Mathematics in South African High Schools  Prof Karen Bradshaw
Luke Goodall Conservation and anti-poaching framework using object recognition in video surveillance  James Connan
Mahlogonolo Madihlaba Enhanced Phishing Detection using Machine Learning Recommender Systems  Dr Stones Dalitso Chindipha
Caiphus Mahlatji Malware Classification in Port Executable Files  Dr Stones Dalitso Chindipha
Denzel Matapuri Designing A Web-Based Visualisation Tool for Threat Intelligence Data  Dr Stones Dalitso Chindipha
Panashe Matirekwe Analysis of Global Threat Intelligence Data to Understand the Geographical Distribution of Cyber Threats  Dr Stones Dalitso Chindipha
Lonwabo Mfazwe Investigating Improvements on the RSA Algorithm in Asymmetric Cryptography using Hybrid Approaches  Prof Dane Brown
Raymond Mugandiwa Development of an Application for Fake News Detection and Mitigation  Dr Zelalem Shibeshi
Muhammed Musa Underwater Fish Species Identification using a Mobile App  Prof Dane Brown
Sihle Shabalala Face Liveness Detection And Recognition Towards Anti-Spoofing  Prof Dane Brown
Mtho Sibanda Using Machine Learning algorithms to classify recyclable waste in landfills  Prof Karen Bradshaw


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