Student Research Supervisor
Anil Abraham Crime Forecasting in Port Elizabeth: Machine Learning Approaches for Predicting Crime Hot Spots  Dr Dane Brown
Maurice Bossekota Agent-based modelling of emergency evacuation considering human factors and behaviours  Prof Karen Bradshaw
Quinlan Caiger Comparing the design differences between functional and non-functional approaches to the front-end of websites  Dr Yusuf Motara
Kenneth Chieza Fish Species Classification – Investigating the effect of image processing on the accuracy of a deep learning classifier  Dr Dane Brown
Timothy Fischer Underwater video enhancement using machine learning techniques  James Connan
Gabriella Govender Automated Transcription of Music to Sheet Music  Prof Karen Bradshaw
Siya Hlomendlini Underwater Image Enhancement With Machine learning  James Connan
Gosego Kopane Comparison of machine learning algorithms for soil type classification  Prof Karen Bradshaw
Siku Mahayi Automated Real-time Detection of Aquatic Wildlife: Contrasting Speed and Accuracy  Dr Dane Brown
Caiphus Mahlatji Malware Analysis  Stones Dalitso Chindipha
Iffat Mollah Three-dimensional face reconstruction from complete/partial images of a human face  Dr Dane Brown
Emily Morgan Data Curation to Facilitate Identifying Novel Antimicrobial Compounds  Prof Karen Bradshaw
Daanyaal Salie The use of Computer Vision on Skin lesions to Identify Melanoma  Dr Dane Brown
Richard Drinkwater No project in Computer Science  


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