Student Research Supervisor
Lubabalo Buwa An application to support end-users of Wi-Fi hotspots in the township of Makhanda Dr Zelalem Shibeshi
William Carpenter-Frank Development of a Web Enabled Research System and Data Gathering Tool in Partnership with the Centre for Biological Control  Dr Yusuf Motara
Ammaarah Desai Categorising and Comparing the Features of Functional Languages Dr Yusuf Motara
Matthew Lewis Benchmarking a Low-cost Parallella Cluster Prof Karen Bradshaw
Ipfi Lidzhade Deep handwriting recognition on robust data Dr Dane Brown 
Ryan McDonald Database design and implementation for the Centre of Biological Control Dr Yusuf Motara
Nick McMichael Core sample analysis with machine learning to create a predictive model for mining Prof Philip Machanick
Carlton Mpofu Exploring GPU Programming In Java Prof George Wells
Gibson Muriithi An application to support field technicians in the maintenance of Wi-Fi hotspots in the township of Makhanda Dr Zelalem Shibeshi
Matthew Pitcairn Life Histories of Words: Tracking the Rise and Fall of SA English Words Dr Yusuf Motara
Thulani Tshabalala Determining variants of P450 enzyme in different population groups and User interface to display the results Prof Philip Machanick


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