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2017 Award Ceremony

The 2017 Award Ceremony was held on Friday 21st April ...

Meet WordHound, the tool that puts a personal touch on password cracking

In the vexing pursuit of passwords that are both easy to remember and hard to crack, many people embed clues into their login credentials, choosing for instance, "playstationplaystationdec2014" ...

MobiSAM to launch in September

The 2nd of September will see the launch of a year-long pilot project for new initiative MobiSAM which seeks to investigate how mobile phone technology can be used to improve citizen participation in local government.

World is now a click away in EC rural area

THEY may attend school in the isolated countryside of Dwesa, far from the technology associated with big cities, but Wild Coast children and their teachers are connected to the world, thanks to Rhodes University's Siyakhula Living Lab project.