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Postgraduate Research Degrees

The Department of Computer Science offers pure research PhD and MSc degrees, the entire assessment of which is by thesis.

Structure of Research
Students work on an approved research topic, under the supervision of an experienced researcher, often contributing towards an established project.  Some of the projects offered for this purpose are undertaken in conjunction with external corporations or institutions.   Such collaboration is intended to increase the relevance to industry of the degree and usually require additional visits to the institution concerned. The research is written up as a thesis, which is examined by selected area specialists external to the University.

The residence period for the Master’s degree is a minimum of one full year, from February to January of the following year.  An MSc thesis typically takes between 18 and 24 months to complete.

The registration period for the PhD degree is typically three full years. 

Entrance Requirements
The normal entrance requirement for an MSc candidate is an appropriate Honours degree, or equivalent qualification. Candidates who have undertaken a four-year undergraduate degree should show evidence of having undertaken a suitable research project.  In exceptional cases, a BSc degree and a minimum of three years of relevant experience may be considered for acceptance.

The normal entrance requirement for a PhD candidate is an appropriate Masters degree in Computer Science or related disciplines, or equivalent qualification. 

Applying for Masters by Thesis and PhD (External students)
All prospective Masters and PhD students should perform initial registration online at https://ross.ru.ac.za/.

In order to evaluate the application, the following documents must be submitted by email to cspgrad@ru.ac.za:

  • Rhodes reference number (obtained from the initial registration process)
  • A current CV
  • Academic transcript(s)
  • Honours or Masters thesis (pdf version)
  • Indication of full time or part time studies
  • Source of Funding e.g. Bursary, Scholarship, Employer funded, Self funded, No funding secured yet. Where appropriate, include the name of the funder.
  • An expression of the area of interest for conducting research
  • and where possible, a proposed supervisor

The subject line should indicate whether the application is for a Masters or Doctoral study and should include the Rhodes reference number, obtained from the initial online registration.

Prospective students should refer to the research and staff research information on this website to ensure that their proposed research aligns with the Department’s current areas of interest and to identify an appropriate supervisor. See resources below.

Following receipt of the documents required, prospective students will be put in touch with a potential supervisor to discuss their area of interest and prepare an initial research proposal.  

Once the initial proposal has been accepted by the supervisor, prospective students will be provided with details to complete the Rhodes application process.


Information on current research areas in the department  is available at: http://www.ru.ac.za/computerscience/research/

Staff contact information is available at: http://www.ru.ac.za/computerscience/people/academicstaff/

Applying for Masters by Thesis and PhD (Internal students)

Prospective students should contact a potential supervisor to discuss their areas of interest and prepare an initial research proposal.

Thereafter, applications need to be completed using the Rhodes Application for Admission to Masters and Doctoral studies

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