This is a three-year Programme at Rhodes University. 

Chinese Studies 1

CHI 1 is a language course for non-mother tongue students who wish to acquire essential communicative skills in both spoken and written Chinese.

Chinese Studies 2

CHI 2 expands and refines the skills and content of CHI 1. CHI 1 is a prerequisite for CHI 2.

Chinese Studies 3

CHI 3 offers, in addition to an intensive focus on the Chinese language, an introduction to Chinese civilisation, history, philosophy, and literature.

BA (Honours) in Chinese Studies

BA (Honours) in Chinese Studies aims at familiarising students with the Chinese language for academic purposes. On the basis of previous learning, which should have brought them close to HSK level 5, this course focuses on the development of communication skills. Students are expected to express themselves by speaking and writing, while maintaining a fair level of listening and reading capacity in academic contexts. Students will be assessed regularly by their performance in fulfilling the communicative tasks of various kinds. This will be followed by a comprehensive examination at the end of the course.

Understanding China

Understanding China is a fifteen credit HEQSF level 6 course (i.e. formally called a semester long course at second year level) offered during the first semester. Understanding China combines an introduction to elementary Chinese language for practical purposes with an exploration of the key concepts, historical events and social processes for understanding China in the 21st Century. This is a non-major course with no prerequisite requirements. Understanding China may be taken in the second or subsequent academic years (but not the first) provided that it may not be taken in a curriculum which includes any courses in Chinese Studies.

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