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About CIRU and Chinese Studies


Attending the 13th Confucius Institute Global Conference in Chengdu (China).From left to right: Mr Guo Ning (JNU), Prof Pu Ruoqian (JNU), Prof Patrice Mwepu (Rhodes) Prof Zhang Hong (JNU), Prof Peter Clayton (Rhodes), and Prof Zhang Jun (JNU & Rhodes)

Attending the 11th Confucius Institute Global Conference in Kunming (China). Prof Patrice Mwepu (Director of CIRU) and Prof Song Xianzhong (President of Jinan University).


Why Learn Chinese

◆Being eligible for a variety of Confucius Institute and Chinese government scholarships for further studies at a university in China.

◆Having the opportunity to prepare for and write the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test). The CIRU is an accredited testing centre.

◆Having the opportunity to participate in the annual Chinese Bridge Competition, allowing the winner to compete the finals in China.

◆Having the opportunity to participate in annual China Study Tour (All the expenses in China will be sponsored by the CIRU).

◆Having the opportunity to work for Chinese companies in South Africa or China, and for South African companies with business contracts with China.

◆Having the opportunity to teach English as a foreign language in China.

Welcome to Learning Chinese

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This programme is sponsored by Hanban, Rhodes University, and Jinan University: