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Gisella's People

September 30, 2009
By: Gisella Zipp

Over the July vac, some of our Chinese Studies 1 students went on a tour of China. This is one of the stories of the many exciting experiences that the students had there. -- Kelly

Gisella's People

Gisella's people

One of my favourite memories was the arrival in Changsha. We drove for about an hour to get into the city, going past the first real rice paddies I'd ever seen in my life. When we finally got to the hotel, everyone in the bus started shouting, "Look, it's your people!" I thought, "What on earth are these people talking about?" I looked into the parking lot and I couldn't see any of 'my people'. Eventually one of my friends pointed out the sign above the entrance (see picture). I couldn't believe it! What are the chances of that happening?

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