Chinese as a Major

July 30, 2010

By: Daniel Charvat

Chinese Studies formally been accepted as a major in Rhodes University.

On Monday 26th July 2010 the Department of Higher Education and Training sent though approval for Rhodes University to offer Chinese Studies as part of a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. 

Since its inception in late 2008, the Chinese Studies course has been a runaway success with students already well into their second year studying Chinese. As interest in the subject has been increasing, the push towards offering it as a major has been a primary concern of the Rhodes University Confucius Institute. The notice of approval has been a positive addition to the already flourishing course, and this new frontier means increased focus on Chinese culture, art and literature can be explored with the hope that in the near future students will have the opportunity to truly delve into the vast and diverse culture offered by China.

A handful of students currently studying Chinese Studies 2, have already expressed keen interest in furthering their knowledge of the subject and will serve as the pioneers of Rhodes’ newest degree in 2011.

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