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Contact Information for students in Courtenay-Latimer Hall

Postal address:

The Postal Address for students of the Hall is: (Name of Student), (Name of House, either Oriel, Beit or Charlotte Maxeke), Private Bag 1031, Grahamstown, 6140 South Africa

Residential address:

The residential address for courier services or deliveries is (Name of House, either Oriel, Beit or Charlotte Maxeke), University Road, Rhodes University, Grahamstown.


Public telephones in each residence are as follows:
Beit House: Telkom voucher phones, +27-46-622-9025, +27-46-622-8273 & +27-46-622-9021;
Charlotte Maxeke House: Telkom voucher phone, +27-46-622-9020;
Oriel House: Telkom voucher phone, +27-46-622-9022;


Students can use the Student Bureau facilities (+27-46-603-8300) to send and receive faxes.  Ensure the name of the addressee and their residence is on any fax sent to the Bureau.

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