Oriel House

A three storey building of pleasing proportions and wooden shutters at the windows, Oriel House was designed by Baker and Kendall architects and completed in 1915; the oldest women's residence at Rhodes, it was officially opened on 2 June 1915, by Lady Buxton.

Oriel House


Situated in close proximity to the Library, Eden Grove, the Health Care Centre, the Campus Protection Unit, and the Students Union, Oriel is very centrally placed. It accommodates the Hall/House Warden and 53 students. There are 37 single bedrooms, and 8 double bedrooms, on three floors, with shared ablution facilities.

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Oriel House is connected to ‘Resnet’, the University Computer Network which enables students to connect to the Web from their bedrooms. There are also many computer labs available on campus for you to use.


There are: an on site laundry facility, with 2 automatic washing machines (cold water only) and 2 tumble driers; a shared living room area with 2 television sets with DSTV, and a video recorder; 2 microwaves; and 2 fridges.

Your Warden

Your Warden has her home in the residence, and welcomes e-mails or phone calls from parents or guardians should they have any concerns.

The Oriel House Warden is Ms Quintabella Andangnui, tel 046 6038886 or 078 0373837

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