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Rhodes University Newsletter (1 September 2021)
To download the document, click here: RU Newsletter (Sept 2021)
DSD ECD revised SOP - 15 September 2021 Final
To download the document, click here: DSD-ECD-revised SOP- 15 September 2021-Final APPROVED
Makhanda BookDashX Completed Stories: 
To download the completed stories in PDF Format Click here: https://www.ru.ac.za/csd/resources/childrensbooks/storybooks/
CSD Annual Report 2020:

Annual Report 2020

Wordworks Grade R and Grade 1 Resources

TIME Specs

TIME_Activity pack_Term 1_Grade 1_A_print

TIME_Activity pack_Term 1_Grade 1_E_print

TIME_Activity pack_Term 1_Grade 1_X_print

TIME_Activity pack_Term 1_Grade R_A_print

TIME_Activity pack_Term 1_Grade R_E_print

TIME_Activity pack_Term 1_Grade R_X_print

TIME_Poster_Grade 1_A_print

TIME_Poster_Grade 1_E_print

TIME_Poster_Grade 1_X_print

TIME_Poster_Grade R_A_print

TIME_Poster_Grade R_E_print

TIME_Poster_Grade R_X_print

For more Wordworks Resources, visit their website on: https://www.wordworks.org.za/ 

Literacy Reports
These highly anticipated reports give benchmarks and thresholds for literacy in the Nguni languages including isiXhosa

Leadership for Literacy - Taylor Hoadley

Policy Brief - Heleen Hofmeyr

Nguni Languages Summary Report


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