About Us

Research Chairs at the Centre

The Environmental Learning Research Centre (ELRC) is currently home to three Research Chairs, these being the SARChI Chair in Global Change and Social Learning Systems, the Chair of Environment & Sustainability Education, and the Chair of Monitoring & Evaluation in a SETA environment under the leadership of Distinguished Professor Heila Lotz Sisitka and Professor Eureta Rosenberg.

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UN Regional Centre of Expertise

The Environmental Learning Research Centre (ELRC) functions as the Makana and Rural Eastern Cape Regional Centre of Expertise for Sustainable Development (RCE).We are a part of a worldwide network of such centres connected through United Nations University. As an RCE, we aim to promote environmental sustainable development in our region through partnering with local and regional stakeholders, building platforms for sharing information and experience, and encouraging education around sustainable development in institutions and professional environments.
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