ELRC Projects

One Ocean Hub

The One Ocean Hub aims to transform our response to the urgent challenges facing our ocean.


The Knowledges Commons

A Knowledge Commons at the ELRC provides a space for social innovation, engaging the border zones between the academy, public sector and civil society; between theory and practice; and knowledge, learning and human agency.

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M&E in a SETA environment

In March 2018 Rhodes University (ELRC, NALSU and Community Engagement) were awarded a Research Chair to focus on Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) in a SETA Environment.

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The t-learning transformative knowledge network (TKN) is one of three international transformative knowledge networks supported by the International Social Sciences Council within their programme on Transformations to Sustainability. 

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Amanzi for Food

Amanzi for Food is a Water Research Commission project lead by the Environmental Learning Research Centre at Rhodes University.

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Food for Us

Food for Us is funded through the 10YFP Trust Fund established by UNEP and was selected through an open 10YFP Trust Fund Call for Proposals for Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme with the financial support of the Government of Japan.

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Green Skills Project

The Green Skills Project responds to the need for more proactive, concerted and coordinated efforts to analyse, plan for and develop green skills for South Africa, with a focus on the post - schooling system.
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Fundisa for Change

Fundisa for Change is a collaborative national programme formed specifically to enhance transformative environmental learning through teacher education. 
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Sustainability Commons

The Sustainability Commons is a space where ideas and technologies for sustainable development can be tested and explored. 

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The Tsitsa Project

The Tsitsa Project is a novel approach to restoring and managing land and water sustainably in the Tsitsa River Catchment

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The ELRC is host to the Eco-Schools Makana node, consisting of between 7 -15 schools from the Makana area.
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The Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa (EEASA) was founded in September 1982 as a result of interaction between educationalists and environmentalists. 

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