Studies submitted for examination

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This week no less than seven environmental education post graduate scholars submitted their studies for examination. Among them are Nthalevi Silo, who has been working on her PhD for three years. Nthalevi's study focusses on children's participation in waste management practices. Using cultural historical activity theory to examine the cultural historical contexts of waste management practices in three Botswana schools, Nthalevi found that teachers in schools were attempting to implement new policy imperatives for infusing environmental education in schools through a primary focus on litter clean ups in schools. She found schools to be implementing 'cleaning regimes' in which children were tasked with picking up litter and keeping the school clean.

Her study, however, also found that while teachers wanted learners to focus on picking up litter, the children had other ideas about how they could better manage their school environment!  Their main concern was to improve the sanitation facilities in the schools