Exploring learning in irrigation systems

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Learning in irrigation system has becoming a relevant issue in educational process in the global arena. Irrigation developments are crucial to ensuring food security inter alia. In Mozambique, recent policies have been induced the development of irrigation association in order to increase the overall production of the members and to improve their livelihood.  By so doing, it is assumed that there might be a ground for learning through the process of operation and management of irrigation systems.

Aristides’ PhD research is concerned with learning communities such as the irrigation associations. His study is an intervention based research carried out at Macuvulane Irrigation systems. The research seeks to access the potential for learning and transformation within the respective irrigation association. It further aims to contribute to better understanding of learning processes as well as knowledge interaction that is prevalent in irrigation schemes and inform better their managerial practices.


 Aristides' research photo

Aristides Baloi, (the interventionist researcher) facilitating a Change Laboratory Workshop with participants who are irrigation committee members, members of other associations, members of local institutions, members of colleges, and local community representatives.