Regional research gets support

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The key reason for creating this research network was to provide conceptual and analytical support for researchers in the southern Africa region, and to synthesise their work. It aims to evaluate research and engage questions of education quality. SADC REEP is committed to the principles of criticality and reflexivity as a means of enhancing and supporting Environmental Education.

“With the writing course, we were trying to publish articles on the various research projects of those in the SADC REEP network. We will then look for the common interests across them and then collaborate further,” said Prof Heila Lotz-Sisitka of the ELRC. Prof Lotz-Sisitka went on to explain that the course also looked at the conceptual framework that was established at the beginning of SADC programme. “We asked participants if they saw evidence of the four established themes, which are: learning as connection, quality relevance, agency and capabilities,” said Prof Lotz-Sisitka.

Ten rough drafts of articles came out of the writing course. “I think we made good progress,” said Prof Lotz-Sisitka, “the course also gave the opportunity for peer review, which is really helpful in making sure we maintain the main research focus, which is understanding education for sustainable development. 

SADC REEP has now merged with the Climate Change Education Network, thus creating a more cohesive body of research and ensuring there is a constant dialogue in the region.