SAJEE Volume 36 Announcement

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SAJEE  Volume 36 Announcement
SAJEE Volume 36 Announcement

The 2020 Special Issue of the Southern African Journal of Environmental Education (SAJEE) is out!
Volume 36 will be published continuously over the course of the year. It opens with an Editorial scoping the focus of this Special Issue on environmental education in a time of multiple, multi-dimensional crises. It is followed by our first five papers: a Think Piece on community care work, and four research papers. The research shared by these authors, from three African countries, spans across schools, industry and vocational training, and community knowledge contexts.
As always, we thank our reviewers who make the publication possible, as well as our editorial and production team. With the release of this issue we also warmly welcome Kim Ward and Dudu Coelho to the production team, and thank them for sterling work under impossible deadlines to get this publication to you.
Please enjoy this reading, and consider submitting a contribution of your own. Recently a paper published in the May issue of the South African Journal of Science alerted scholars to some pervasive ethical and epistemological issues in narrow applications of science, amounting to a Crisis of Science, because it results in research that fails to advance transformative knowledge projects, and creates racially offensive representations that also fail in all respects to (re)present the environmental field and the people in it. A more detailed call to contribute on this theme as part of the Special Issue will follow, but authors are encouraged to submit abstracts or full papers as soon as possible.
The deadline for papers is 30 July 2020, please contact us here if you need an extension. Author guidelines can be found here