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Amanzi for Food aims to support everyone in the agricultural sector including farmers, extension services, agricultural training institutions and agricultural NGOs and CBOs, to learn together about and implement different ways of harvesting, storing, and using rainwater according to their needs, to improve food production. We refer to all these activities collectively under ‘Rainwater Harvesting and Conservation’ (RWH&C). The Amanzi for Food project makes WRC materials available in user-friendly formats for use amongst people in the agricultural sector through the website which presents information on RWH&C in a number of different ways.

This project is being piloted in a course-based initiative with participants who make up a learning network in the Nkonkobe municipal area. This network has members from many different agricultural institutions. The website was launched in February and was presented to the learning network where it was well received. We will be starting training with other agricultural colleges in South Africa where the website can be used to access information for curriculum development.


Please visit www.amanziforfood.co.za  or like our facebook page

Please contact us at: info@amanziforfood.co.za