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Contact details:
Phone: +27(46) 603 7271

BSc(University of Cape Town), MEd(Environmental Education)(Rhodes University), PhD (Rhodes University)

Short Biography

Ingrid has a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Zoology and Microbiology, a Masters in Education (Environmental Education) and a Doctorate in Philosophy from Rhodes University. The title of her PhD thesis is: Schudel, I. (2012). Examining emergent active learning processes as transformative praxis: The case of the Schools and Sustainability professional development programme.

Ingrid started her work in environmental education through involvement in the Sunbird Environmental Education Centre and the Thomas Baines Gold Fields Environmental Education Centre. After moving to Rhodes University in 2000, her early work included materials development in ecological footprinting, environmental management, consumer choices, and developing environmentally focused materials to support school curriculum needs.

Currently, she is a senior lecturer at Rhodes University involved in pre-service and in-service courses at bachelors, certificate and honours levels with a focus on transformative learning, environmental education and Natural Science teaching in schools. She is also lecturer and co-ordinator of the Masters in Education (Environmental Education) which supports environmental education in school, higher education, community, NGO and government contexts. She has successfully supervised a number of masters studies and is currently moving into doctoral supervision as well.


Ingrid’s research is founded on a belief that teaching and learning is a process of critical engagement with real world challenges. From an environmental perspective, this means exploring the potential for sustainable, ecologically sound and socially just ways of living within planetary systems. Her PhD focused on exploring active learning in primary school contexts. Using Bhaskar’s critical realist dialectic, she developed a view of active learning as a reality congruent and transformative approach to seeing, valuing and being in the world.

A further research interest is that of exploring the nature of science with a view to broadening and deepening the views of socially-engaged science in science education classrooms.

She is involved in a number of research programmes, particularly as a principal researcher in the Fundisa for Change Network and the Citizen Science research programme at the Environmental Learning Research Centre. Across these programmes, broad research interests include active, situated and social learning; knowledge and learning; science and citizenship; transformative learning; curriculum and environmental learning; and teacher professional development.

Teaching and learning

Ingrid teaches the Postgraduate Certificate in Education Natural Science and Technology Intermediate Phase Method course, which she has been running since 2012.

Additionally she has been teaching and supervising on the Masters in Education (Environmental Education) course since 2005 and is now the course co-coordinator – having begun leading this two-year course in 2013. She adds to her masters teaching through co-ordinating the twice-yearly postgraduate Research Design course for Masters and PhD students run by the Education Faculty.

Ingrid’s early involvement in teaching included the development and teaching of the Advanced Certificate in Education (Environmental Education) and the Advanced Certificate in Environmental Education. She coordinated and taught 5 cohorts of ACE(EE)/ACEE students between 2002 and 2012. Additionally between 2007 and 2013 she taught four cohorts of a bi-yearly environmental education elective in the second year of the Bachelor of Education (Honours) course run by Rhodes University in Namibia.

Recent Publications

Chapters in Books

Schudel, I. (2017). Deliberations on a Changing Curriculum Landscape and Emergent Environmental and Sustainability Education Practices in South Africa. In H. Lotz-Sisitka and J. Lupele (Eds). Education for Sustainable Development in schooling: Africa, pp. 39-56. New York: Springer

Schudel, I. (2016). Exploring critical realist insights into transformative environmental learning processes in contexts of social-ecological risk. In L. Price & H.B. Lotz-Sisitka (Eds), Critical Realism, Environmental Learning and Social-ecological Change, pp. 254-272. London: Routledge.

Schudel, I. (2014). Developing a relational perspective on intergenerational learning. In P.B. Corcoron & B.O. Hollingshead (Eds), Intergenerational learning and transformative leadership for sustainable futures, pp. 239-250. Wageningen, the Netherlands: Wageningen Academic Publishers.

Internationally Refereed Journals

Schudel, I. (2017). Modelling dialectical processes in environmental learning: An elaboration of Roy Bhaskar’s onto-axiological chain. Journal of Critical Realism, 16(2), 163-183.

Vallabh, P.; Lotz-Sisitka, H.; O’Donoghue, R.; & Schudel, I. (2016). Mapping epistemic cultures and learning potential of participants in citizen science projects. Conservation Biology, 30(3), 540-549. doi: 10.1111/cobi.12701Schudel, I. (2014). Exploring a knowledge-focused trajectory for researching environmental learning in the South African curriculum. Southern African Journal of Environmental Education, 30, 96-117.

Research Reports

Nissen, Sylvia; Aoyagi, Midoric; Burningham, Katea; de Oliveira, Michael Amorimd; Hasan, Mohammad Mehedia,b,e; Hayward, Bronwyna,b; Jackson, Tima; Jha, Vimlenduf; Mattar, Heliod; Musiyiwa, Lonag; Schudel, Ingridg; Venn, Suea; Yoshida, Ayac. 2017. Young and Urban: Understanding the Sustainability Challenges. CUSP Working Paper

Other recognised research outputs

Guest editor of a special edition of the Southern African Journal of Environmental Education – Re-visioning environmental knowledge and pedagogies in 21st century southern Africa curricula – a focus on schooling and teacher education - 2016.


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