Dr. Injairu Kulundu-Bolus

Dr Injairu Kulundu-BolusSenior Lecturer

Contact Detail:
Tel: +27 46 603 8389
Email: i.kulundu@ru.ac.za

BA (Politics and Drama) (Rhodes University), PGDIP (African Diplomacy and Peace Keeping) (Rhodes University), Hons Applied Theatre (Rhodes University), MA (Politics) (Rhodes University), PhD (Education)(Rhodes University)


Biographical details

Injairu is a decolonial scholar, writer, musician and trickster practitioner that is learning how to alchemise binary based logics towards a paradigm of non- duality. She is interested in fugitive ways of re-imagining and re-sourcing the ambit and lived practice of decolonial love and a paradigm of peace. Her current work focuses of dancing with the decolonial impulse in ways that proliferate regenerative futures by whatever creative means necessary. Her pedagogical experiments include musical inquiries bent on attuning to and singing out the transgressive learning and rising cultures of African Change Drivers currently underway. She is a senior lecturer at the Environmental Learning Research centre, in the Department of Educational Futures at Rhodes University, South Africa.


Recent Publications

Daweti, N, KaNtshingana S and Kulundu- Bolus I, 2022. Regenerative Youth Futures: Learning Beyond Perfunctionary Awareness and Behavioural Change NORRAG Special Issue 07: Education in Times of Climate Change.

Kulundu- Bolus, Lotz- Sisitka et al. 2021 Stories of Collective Learning and Care During a Pandemic: Reflective Research by Practitioners, Researchers and Community Based Organisers on the Collective Shifts Praxis Needed to Regenerate Transformative Futures. Transforming Education for Sustainable Futures, Bristol. DOI https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.5930399

Lotz-Sisitka, H., Kulundu-Bolus, I. 2021. TESF South Africa Background Paper. Bristol, TESF. DOI


Kulundu-Bolus, I., & Lotz-Sisitka, H.B. 2021. TESF South Africa First Engagement Paper. Bristol, TESF.


Sprague, T., Nwako, Z., Kulundu-Bolus, I., Tikly, L., Wals, A., Facer, K., Elmi, M., and Imaniriho, D. 2021. Co- Creating Education for Sustainable Futures: TESF Methodology Background Paper. Bristol, TESF. DOI https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4462433 Version 1.1 – 25 January 2021.

Lotz-Sisitka HB, Kulundu-Bolus I, Neville R, James A, Moyo AB, Kunkwenzu E, Morione D, Mphepo G, Velempini K, Maqwelane L, Dyantyi P, Mushishi R, Makwita SA, Musariri Y, Mhlanga Z (2021) Education for sustainable development and COVID-19 in southern Africa: Intersecting perspectives on why water, food and livelihoods matter in transforming education for sustainable futures. Research report
in the JET Education Services/UNESCO Regional Office for Southern Africa (ROSA)/Global Challenge Research Fund’s Transforming Education for Sustainable Futures Project (South African node)/Open Society Foundations (OSF) #OpenupYourThinking: SADC Researchers Challenge. JET Education Services/ Transforming Education for Sustainable Futures, Rhodes University. South Africa. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.5770312.

Working scientist podcast: Democratizing knowledge and access to tools for sustainable development. Podcast with the International Science Council 2021 on why diversity matters accessible at: https://council.science/current/blog/working-scientist-podcast-democratizing-knowledge-and-access-to-tools-for- sustainable-development/

McGarry, D., Weber, L., James, A., Kulundu-Bolus, I., Pereira, T., Ajit, S., ... & Khutsoane, T. et al (2021). Chapter 10: The Pluriversity for Stuck Humxns: A Queer EcoPedagogy & Decolonial School. Queer Ecopedagogies: Explorations in Nature, Sexuality, and Education, 183.

Kulundu-Bolus I, McGarry, K D, & Lotz-Sisitka H . 2020. Think Piece: Learning, Living and Leading into Transgression – A reflection on decolonial praxis in a neoliberal world. https://doi.org/10.4314/sajee.v36i1.14 Accredited journal.


Teaching & Learning

I accompany (“khapa”) and create sanctuary for the amazing scholars within the Environmental Learning Research Centre and more broadly within the greater department of Educational Futures.  I am interested in creating spaces where new paradigms of educational research can flourish and thrive.


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