Ulisha Van Der Merwe

Ulisha van der Merwe

Project Management

Contact details
Email:  u.vandermerwe@ru.ac.za


Ulisha Van Der Merwe completed a two year Diploma in Advanced Business Information Technologies. Born in Kwa Zulu Natal she then moved to Johannesburg in 1999 to start working at Delta Environmental Centre.  After  over 17 years of loyal, dedicated and solid service in the Environmental NGO sector Ulisha decide it was time for a change and now assists with research and technical project administration at Rhodes University.

New challenges and changes to current work practices keep her motivated and help her to feed her need of wanting to learn more and do things differently.

Having a friendly disposition Ulisha works very well in a team yet also content to work by herself.

Ulisha is an executive member of the Gauteng Environmental Education Forum (GEEF) and assists with administration for the EEASA council. 

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