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Fundisa for Change is a collaborative national programme formed specifically to enhance transformative environmental learning through teacher education. Established as a partnership programme involving all of South Africa’s major environmental organisations (state, para-statal and NGO), which have an interest in teacher education, the Fundisa for Change programmme aims to combine sector efforts to strengthen systemic impact. Its core objective is to strengthen teaching of environmental concepts and transformative environmental learning in schools. It does this through focusing on strengthening capacity in South Africa’s teacher education institutions, and major partners involved in teacher development, as these are ‘catalytic institutions’ with potential long-term impact on the education and training of South African teachers.

Rhodes University is coordinating the implementation of the Fundisa for Change training programme for teachers and subject advisors (also known as curriculum advisors/implementers), with the Fundisa for Change network partners. The training makes use of a cluster model and the Fundisa for Change teacher education materials. These materials have been collaboratively developed within the Fundisa for Change Teacher Education Programme, and are specifically designed for training teachers and subject advisors to improve environmental content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge and assessment practice as per the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) requirements.

The Fundisa for Change programme was officially launched in February 2014 by the then Deputy Minister of Water and  nvironmental Affairs, Ms Rejoice Mabudafhasi, MP, at Emperor’s Palace, Ekurhuleni, Gauteng.

Funding for Fundisa for Change activities has come from various sources, including Murray & Roberts, GIZ, the Lewis Foundation and the Department of Environmental Affairs.

In addition, a multi-institutional Fundisa for Change Research Programme  funded by the National Research Fund (NRF) was launched in 2014 for a period of three years (2014 – 2016). Over 10 Masters Scholars and 3 PhDs are engaged in Fundisa for Change research. 

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