‘T-learning’ refers to transformative, transgressive learning in times of climate change.

The t-learning transformative knowledge network (TKN) is one of three international transformative knowledge networks supported by the International Social Sciences Council within their proramme on Transformations to Sustainability. The t-learning TKN works across nine countries on four continents.

The t-learning TKN actively works on reframing dominant narratives in education and learning spaces. It embraces a commitment to the commons and the common good, to de-colonisation, the good life, ecological economics, real sustainability and will seek to bring environmental and social justice into being.

Radical changes in society are needed for responding to climate change, and for transforming to sustainability. It is increasingly clear that people everywhere will need to learn to transform to sustainability in ways that are socially just, peaceful and ecologically sustainable. It is now already widely known that transformations to sustainability can occur if people learn to make changes at niche level. 

This can drive wider social changes and regime shift transformations, especially if such forms of learning become more collective. Transformations to sustainability do not come about easily because of ‘lock-ins’ in the system. Transformative, transgressive types of learning are needed to help ‘unlock’ the lock-ins and to strengthen wider forms of collective social learning.


The International Science Council (ISC) released a short film in November 2022 that speaks to Transformations to Sustainability, and the projects funder over the period of 2016 to 2022. See this link for the full video.  Other stories of sustainability that are linked to the ELRC’s T-Learning project, and funded by the ISC, are available here.



The t-learning transformative knowledge network has launched a virtual, interconnected research school to support young researchers undertaking t-learning research in times of climate change. The t-learning research school focuses on emancipatory and sustainability processes, and supports the role of research in bringing about social change (research as activism). The t-learning research school recognises that research is complicit in moral action that generates knowledge with both human and more than human beings. It supports research that seeks to enrich the common good in direct ways that are linked to social activities and practices. It encourages researchers to develop new methodologies that are co-engaged, and that are transformative in nature, and that actively support t-learning processes.


The T-learning Transformative Knowledge Network aims to facilitate deeper understanding of the role of learning in transformations to sustainability.

The T-learning TKN is a not-for-profit research and knowledge co-production network that welcomes participation from graduate and postgraduate researchers, academics, civil society and public sector organisations involved in co-learning, and facilitating and developing t-learning knowledge that is oriented towards social justice and common good.

To join the T-learning network, or for more information visit http://transgressivelearning.org


Email: elrc@ru.ac.za 


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