The Division of Infrastructure and Operations at Rhodes University is committed to supporting the Makana 2-bag system.  RU 2-bag system

1. Daily Recyclable Waste - CLEAR Bags

  • What can be recycled: Nothing wet or smelly, only clean tin/cansplastics /polystyrene , unbroken glass bottles , paper/card (flatten if possible).

  • Every day of the week recyclable waste (clear bags) can be taken along with your non-recyclable waste (blue bags) to a Waste Collection Point on campus, for collection by RU Grounds & Gardens waste truck (these bags are separated by sorters at the recycling depot - at the Grahamstown landfill site).

  • Waste Collection Points (see map of RU Waste Collection Points below) are those sites on campus where cleaning staff have always taken campus waste. There is no extra work in carrying out the same number of bags as before – the only difference is that some of the bags are clear and some of the bags are blue.

  • Student residences should please discuss logistics with their Housekeeper.

  • Special collections - very large amounts of paper/card: please enquire about arrangements with Grounds & Gardens Refuse, Recycling and Transport Manager, 046 603 8240 or r.sait(at)

More info on various types of recycling activities.

2. Wednesday Recycling Collection Service - BEFORE 9 am 

An additional Recycling Collection Service is provided on Wednesdays (Grounds & Gardens liaises with a service provider). As the truck may reach your area very early, PLEASE ensure all bags are on the pavement BEFORE 9 am:

a. CLEAR bag - RECYCLABLE materials:

  • Put all recyclable waste in sealed CLEAR BAG.

  • Put on the pavement anywhere on the YELLOW ROUTE or at Yellow Points - see Recycling Route Map‎ (PDF).

  • PLEASE nothing wet or smelly.

b. Recycling CONTAINERS and BAGS

  • Indoor Recycling Containers: in order to reduce purchase of unnecessary items, you are encouraged to use re-usable packing boxes etc. Contact RU Catering Services, Buying Office, Printing Services Unit, etc, for re-usable boxes.

  • Labelling: use a simple  SIGN All Recycling & SIGN Glass Recycling - or other useful signs.

  • Clear bags & Blue bags: Order from RU Catering Stores on Mondays - call x 8121.

c. Information & Communication:

Heads of Dept and Managers of departments/divisions/sections and residence Wardens are kindly requested to ensure that:

  • All staff and students support the 2-bag system.

  • All are aware that an additional recycling collection is provided on campus on Wednesdays.

  • A copy of the RU Recycling Route Map‎ is on your NOTICEBOARD.

  • Note: additional maps are available from the SHE Office (Alumni House), or download a PDF Recycling Route Map‎.

3. Biodegradable Waste - Indoor Worm Farm

Worm Farm side viewYou may wish to start your own easy indoor Worm Farm for biodegradable waste (veggie, fruit scraps, crumbs, crusts, tea bags, coffee grinds, paper scraps).

  • See options for worm farm containers and suppliers.

  • Dilute the by-product to fertilise your pot plants or a nearby garden.

  • More info or contact Nikki on x7205 / environment(at) to see an office Worm Farm.

4. Daily Non-Recyclable Waste - BLUE Bags

  • Cleaning service staff should take BLUE bags containing disposable (non-recyclable) waste, along with your recyclable waste (CLEAR bags) to a designated campus Waste Collection Point.

  • Daily collection by RU Grounds & Gardens from all campus Waste Collection Points - see map below.

‌Note: Rhodes University is trying to improve its waste management practices, with the long-term goal of getting as close as possible to zero waste.

More info

  • Sustainable waste management in general go to:     
  • Contact: RU extension  8240/1,

  • Grounds and Gardens Supervisor of Refuse, Recycling & Transport: Mr Rafeeq Sait, RU extension 8240,

  • Map: search "Grounds and Gardens" at

  • Searching for info? Go to the Search Box (top right side of this page)

  • Maintenance requests: authorised staff may submit an ONLINE REQUISITION  


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