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First Years Information

The Warden and returners of HJ look forward to welcoming our first years of 2018 to the large, character-filled and close-knit family of HJ Hunnies! The following information is designed to give you an idea of the amenities and facilities available in your new home away from home and, therefore, what to bring with you.


In the Res:

- Communal ablution facilities. There are no en-suite rooms;

- Communal laundry facilities fitted with commercial-sized washing machines and dryers;

- Common Room in each building, with DSTV, computer station, printer, fridge, microwave and vending machines;

- Wi-Fi access

- Daily housekeeping services in communal areas of the res. Housekeeping does not clean the bedrooms, therefore the rooms are to be kept clean and hygienic by the students. Vacuum cleaners are available for your use.

- Biometric access system to the residence. This ensures the safety of all residents.

In your room                                            Linen provided by Housekeeping

Single bed with mattress                         2 pillows
Study desk and Chair with desk lamp   2 pillowcases
Wardrobes with mirrors                           1 Flat sheet
Bookcase                                                   1 Blanket
Noticeboard                                               1 Mattress Protector
Wall Mounted Heater                               ¾ Duvet
Dustbin                                                       ¾ Duvet Cover
Bucket                                                          Curtains

Note: You may bring your own bedding from home, to make your room more personalised and more like home. These would be for you to launder, using the available laundry facilities.

What to bring

It is encouraged that you bring your personal tit-bits from home and you may decorate your room as you wish without damaging the walls of the room. Decorating your room with your stuff from home helps you settle in better and gives your new room a more “you” atmosphere. The following are important in making your stay in res comfortable:

- Laptop or computer

- Kettle (to be kept on a tray at all times)

- Tray

- Mugs, drinking glasses and cutlery

- Hairdryer

- Decorations such as a rug, scatter cushions and photo frames

- Adapter plug/ multi-adapter plug

- Clothes Hangers

- Laundry detergents

- A few formal/smart clothes for events such as Welcome Dinners, Leavers’ Dinners, and other formal functions.

What NOT to bring

- Electric appliances such as fridge, TV, cooking appliances, heaters, electric blankets, toaster, snackwich, frying pan, microwave oven, coffee machine or hot plates.

- Candles or incense

- Pets


If you require any further information or clarification on any details of the residence, please feel free to contact me at t.tantsi@ru.ac.za.


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