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Helen Joseph House Student Leaders


Name: Pontsho Seshoka

Portfolio: Sub-warden

Degree: Bachelors of Social Sciences 3

Vision: To establish an environment that is harmonious and build a bond of sisterhood among the ladies


Name: Sindi Mkhize

Portfolio: Sub-warden

Degree: Bachelor of Social Science, 3rd year

Vision for 2018: For HJ to be inclusive of people from all walks of life and to have a strong sense of sisterhood



Name: Sisipho Sikweza

Portfolio: Sub-warden

Degree: Bachelor of Arts 3

Vision: To maintain the spirit of sisterhood within HJ and further foster a spirit of understanding and inclusion.

Senior Student

Name: Tebogo Mushingwa

Portfolio: Senior Student

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce, 4th year

Vision: My main aim is to work and do my absolute best to execute all the expectations of the portfolio with honesty, integrity and utmost respect to each and every person in Helen Joseph House.

Community Engagement and Environmental Rep

Name: Bianca Stucky

Portfolio: Community Engagement and Environmental

Degree: Bachelor of Pharmacy, 3rd year

Vision: My aim for me this year is to educate and empower. Where we cannot empower we will educate or just have fun with those who need it most in the community, but not forgetting to save the world one light switch at a time.

Entertainment and Food Rep

Name: Zamanguni Khuzwayo

Portfolio: Entertainment and Food Rep

Degree: Bachelor of Science 2

Vision: To bring about unity, fun, great times and to harvest the HJ spirit we are known for

Resnet and Academic Rep

Name: Anelisa Kelemi

Portfolio: Resnet and Academic

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Sociology and Music, 4th year

Vision: Aim in Academic portfolio is to provide support to students and encourage them to support each other academically so we can all thrive together. Also on the side of ResNet my main aim is that students get to a point where they can learn to be self-sufficient when it comes to tech issues in the house and to use the resources around them to their advantage.

Sports Rep

Name: Yolisa Tause

Portfolio: Sports

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce in Law, 2nd year

Vision: It is my aim to motivate each person I come across and make them realise and operate at their full potential. What better way to do this than to implement physical, mental and social balance?


Name: Ithi Muteyi

Portfolio: Treasurer

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce Accounting, 2nd year

Vision: To manage HJ finances in a way that is transparent and accountable, with the aim of raising enough to get more assets for the House.

Hall Community Engagement Rep

Name: Vunene Nkateko Chabalala

Portfolio: Hall Community Engagement

Degree: Bachelor of Science, 2nd year

Vision: Strengthening the bond between Rhodes and the community.