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Early Arrival or Late Departure

What constitutes an early arrival? 

A student who wishes to return to Residence two days before Rhodes University starts must apply to the Hall Warden (with support from the Warden) for permission to return early, using the Application to Return Early to Residence Form (with Warden’s signature on form) at least SEVEN days before the proposed early return. Students must provide evidence of valid reasons. Students will receive a disciplinary fine if protocol is not followed. 

What constitutes a late departure? 

In exceptional circumstances, a student may be allowed to remain in Residence 24 hours longer than the term time periods. The student must apply to the Hall Warden (with support from the warden) for permission to remain late, using the Application to Return Early to Residence Form at least SEVEN days before the proposed prolonged stay. Evidence of valid reasons (e.g. limitations of transport) must be provided. Students will receive a disciplinary fine if protocol is not followed.

Rates for Early Return and Late Departure for 2020: Rates for 2020: R 126.73 per day, inclusive of all meals.

Method of Payment:

  1. Cash, payable at the Cashiers Office in Eden Grove. Receipt to be provided as proof of payment. 
  2. Charge to student account – this is only possible of you have a credit balance on your student account. As proof, please attach a copy of your student account to the application.


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