Dining Hall-Meals

The Kimberley Hall Complex is a large hall that caters for around 1600 students on a daily basis during term times.  This space is seperated inside into four seperate hall spaces namely Hugh Masekela Hall, Desmond Tutu Hall, Kimberley Hall and Miriam Makeba Hall.  Hugh Masekela Hall is located upstairs on the right hand side of the building (if looking at it from the front).


 Hilltop Hall


‌‌All meals are served on a cafeteria basis.

Meal Times:

Breakfast: Monday to Friday 
07h00 – 08h15
Saturday & Sundays & Public Holidays
08h00 – 09h15

Lunch: Monday to Friday
12h00 – 13h50
Saturday & Sundays & Public Holidays
12h00 – 13h30

Dinner: Monday to Sundays & Public Holidays
17h00 – 18h30

Exams Breakfast: Monday to Saturday
07h00 – 08h15
Sunday 08h00 – 09h15

Meal Booking System:
Meals will be supplied on the basis of a computerised meal booking system and students are required to use a finger biometrics system when obtaining meals.
Alternate menus are available to students who book the alternatives in advance e.g.fast foods, health platters, etc. All students who require vegetarian meals, Halaal meals, or special diets are required to register for these at registration.

 The University offers a variety of diets for students to choose from. These include:
+ Normal
+ Vegetarian
+ Hindu/Halaal
+ Fast Food (of each of the above)
+ Health Platter
+ African Dish

Menus, which cover two week periods, are put up at the halls and students can then go and book the meals that they prefer to eat for the coming days. All students are booked from the beginning of the year according to the diet that they specified at registration. After this, any changes which they would like to make can be done on Ross or by contacting the Residence Systems Coordinator for assistance.

This system allows students to unbook meals when they go away for weekends or if they are going out to dinner etc. The value of the meals that they unbook are credited to their accounts at the end of each semester.

Meal bookings are managed and booked on the Ross System.

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