New Permanent Staff including those on three year contracts who are Internationals


There are different types of work permits:

  1. Exceptional skills permit: This requires proof of the candidate having extraordinary skills or qualifications. Rhodes University has been successful in the past in acquiring this type of permit for academics at more senior levels with PhDs and a track record of research, teaching and/or specialist experience;
  2. Quota permit: This permit held by the individual who then seeks employment at an institution; and
  3. Work permit: This permit requires that the University demonstrates that a post has been advertised and that the institution has been unable to find a suitably qualified South African candidate. While not being able to find a suitably qualified RSA candidate is likely for professional and specialist posts, it is highly unlikely for other posts. The other two permits do not require advertising of a post, although this typically occurs because of Rhodes University’s own policies with regards to filling of posts.

Please liaise with your HR Generalist for your Faculty or work area as regards what permit should be sought for the successful candidate.


Please note the following process for the employment of Internationals (non-SA citizens) (which is required to comply with legislative requirements):

  • In every instance where an international, who is not a permanent residence holder, commences ANY employment in South Africa, a valid temporary residence permit with permission to take up employment is required.  This permit is issued either by the Department of Home Affairs or a South African Embassy or High Commission or Consulate.    This permits the international to conduct work and be remunerated for work done.
  • The Department of Home Affairs documentation is found below:

More information related to this documentation can be found in the following document: Documentation required for all applications

  •  Offers of employment are to be requested from the Human Resources Division in ALL instances before the person conducts any employment, irrespective of the nature of the work or duration of the arrangement or the source of funding.  

Please contact your HR Generalist for your Faculty or work area for assistance. Please see the HR Division organogram for contact details:

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