Deans Remuneration and Conditions of Service

As from 1 January 2014, the Deans’ remuneration has changed. Prior to this, an allowance was paid, over and above the individual’s academic salary, dependent on the size of the Faculty. The new dispensation seeks to address, interalia, the following concerns:

  • The remuneration of Deans was based on the size of the faculty. While 40% of the allowance is the same irrespective of size of the Faculty, the other 60% varies depending on the size of the Faculty.  However, in practice the full-time Deans execute a very similar role, albeit with a larger number of departments. This is more an issue of ensuring the necessary capacity to cope with this volume of work than an issue of remuneration;
  • The allowance of the Dean was paid together with the remuneration package of the individual contingent on their level of appointment such that a Dean who is also a Senior Lecturer will be paid less (Dean allowance + salary of senior lecturer) than an individual who is a professor (Dean allowance + salary of professor).  Therefore, while the allowance is consistent, the overall remuneration as Dean is different. This has meant that in practice, the remuneration of Dean has not been set at a consistent level as this was impacted by the base salary of the academic;
  • That the remuneration of Deans is based on the historical practice that all the Deans were part-time and as such the payment of an allowance was appropriate. Today, 3 of the Deans are full-time Deans. It is argued that the practice of remunerating Deans needs to reflect this change;

The Dean’s remuneration as from 1 January 2014 is determined as follows:

  • The level of remuneration of Dean is determined by the appropriate grading of the Dean’s job;
  • The grading of the Dean’s role was determined by the Vice-Chancellor, two Deputy Vice-Chancellors and the Director: Human Resources. The grading was determined following the same process as the grading for other senior management roles including benchmarking relative to the grade of Deans in the Higher Education sector (using Remchannel, remuneration survey data);
  • The Dean’s role was graded at grade 20;
  • The remuneration for the grade 20 senior management role is the remuneration for the Deans of the Faculties of Commerce, Humanities and Science and is paid as a remuneration package (i.e. no more allowance is paid). Support Staff remuneration pension schedule These Deans occupy a full-time role of Dean;
  • In the case of the Deans for the Faculties of Education, Law and Pharmacy, the remuneration is adjusted based on the time spent on the Dean. As the Dean’s role is not a full-time position, the remuneration is paid as an allowance. Example of remuneration for Dean of Education; Example of remuneration for Dean of Law; Example of remuneration for Dean of Pharmacy.

As from 1 November 2013, with the election of new Deans for the period 1 July 2014, the conditions of service for the Deans shall also change. These conditions of service are in line with developments related to the role of the Dean (as per the document tabled with the Faculties, Senate and Council in 2013, Role of Dean and Deputy Deans document



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