A number of templates have been developed for you as the HoD/manager to use when taking disciplinary action. These templates cover all the critical information that ensures that the staff member’s rights are protected in the process.

    1. Notice to the staff member to attend a disciplinary hearing: Notice to attend a disciplinary hearing
    2. Notice to the staff member to attend a corrective counselling (Level 1) session: Notice to attend Formal Corrective Counselling
    3. Notice to the staff  member to attend a suspension disciplinary hearing:Notice to attend suspension hearing
    4. Notification to advise staff member that s/he has not been found guilty: Outcome of Hearing (Not Guilty)
    5. Verbal Warning Notification
    6. Written Warning Notification
    7. Final Written Warning Notification
    8. Record of disciplinary hearing for Corrective Counselling (Level 1) hearings
    9. Record of disciplinary hearings for level 2 hearings
    10. Chairperson Guide for Level 2 Hearings
    11. Letter to staff member indicating suspension
    12. Assessment of substance abuse: To Be Updated

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