EE Protocols

Employment Equity is implemented in multiple areas within the HR Division. The following are protocols or excerpts from policies that guide such implementation:


  • Recruitment and selection policies

Appendix 1 of R&S Policy for Academic posts: Appendix 1 of R&S Policy for Academic Posts

Appendix 1 of R&S Policy for Support Staff posts: Appendix 1 of R&S Policy for Support Staff posts


  • EE guidelines given to Selection Committees

Guidelines for Chairs of Academic Selection Committees: Guidelines for Academic Chairs

Guidelines for Chairs of Support Staff Selection Committees:Guidelines for Support Chairs

Academic Selection Committees: Employment Equity Guide for Academic Selection Committees

Support Staff Selection Committees:Employment Equity Guide for Support Selection Committees


  • EE document given to prospective candidates for posts

Applicants for academic posts: Employment Equity document for all Academic Selection processes

Applicants for support staff posts: Employment Equity document for all Support selection processes


  • Minute of Selection Committees

This tracks the considerations of Selection Committees as it relates to EE issues

Academic posts: Minute for Academic Appointments

Support staff posts: Minute for Support Appointments


  • Accelerated Development Programmes

This is a programme for young academics. There are three such programmes:

  • Mellon Foundation Accelerated Development Programme
  • Rhodes University Accelerated Development Programme

Protocol document: RU Accelerated Development Programme Protocol


  • Internship Programme

This programme is for support staff. There are four main internship programmes:

  • Clerical internship programme
  • Caterers’ internship programme
  • Graduate internship programme
  • Kuyasa internship programme for the disabled

Protocol document:Internship Programme Employment Protocol


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