The International Office

The Rhodes University International Office exists primarily to drive Internationalisation by way of facilitating relations between Rhodes University and non-South African universities from around the world as well as developing on campus programmes, projects and events. We are the first port of call for visiting international staff and students at Rhodes, Rhodes staff and students looking to go on exchange, and anyone looking to set up relations with non-South African universities. Our mandate includes:

  • serves as a contact point for study abroad and exchange students, staff and visitors;
  • supports Rhodes staff and students who travel and study abroad on official exchange programmes;
  • develops international opportunities, links and exchanges for Rhodes staff and students;
  • liaises with the international offices at other universities;
  • researches internationalisation at Rhodes (including campus-wide surveys on issues of internationalisation and the experiences of international students here at Rhodes);
  • facilitates workshops to develop the internationalisation policy at Rhodes; and

Participates in the activities of both local and other international education societies.

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