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Invite a visiting Lecturer

Visiting Lecturers and Professors

As an HOD, you may invite any academic of your choice to spend a period teaching at Rhodes. In this case, your department is responsible for hosting the visitor. If you would like to find out more about university accommodation for visiting lecturers, please contact the Residential Division's transit accommodation section or visit their website.

The University, however, gives you a chance every year to nominate a Distinguished Visiting Lecturer or Professor to the Senate Executive Committee. A Distinguished Visiting Lecturer or Professor is invited to teach at Rhodes by the University itself and receives support from the University to do so.

Why have visiting lecturers and professors:

Rhodes University has a proud tradition of hosting Distinguished Visiting Lecturers and Professors. The International Office facilitates the annual application and selection of Distinguished Visiting Lecturers/Professors via the Senate Executive Committee: Visiting Lecturers Trust Fund. By making use of this process, you can ensure that your department maintains a respectable quality of education and intellectual output. Having Distinguished Visiting Lecturers and Professors enriches your department's and the university's learning atmosphere.

The Nomination Process:

Heads of Department are invited to submit nominations in the year preceding the proposed visit. An official invitation for submissions is sent out every year in the month of May. Nominations are then accepted between May and July/August every year – with some leeway given depending on the number of nominations. All dates and extensions will be communicated to the HODs of every department.

Criteria for Visiting Lecturers and Professors:

Nominees should be persons who are eminent in their own field of study and who can be expected to provide a cultural stimulus within the University and extramurally under its auspices. It is of fundamental importance that persons who are nominated are known to be fluent in English.

Visiting lecturers/professors will be expected to give a public lecture during the course of the Lectureship/Professorship and several other formal lectures. They are also expected to take part in informal discussions with staff and students, and to submit a written report following the Lectureship/Professorship. The normal period of a visit is about six weeks (one term).

Rhodes University will provide the following:

  • The cost of an economy airfare,
  • transit accommodation,
  • R150 daily subsistence for the period of the Lecturer’s/Professor’s stay.

Rhodes does not pay honoraria nor does it cover expenses incurred by members of the Lecturer’s/Professor’s families.

Should more than one department be interested in inviting a particular Lecturer/Professor, please ensure that the nomination is countersigned by all HODs involved.

Should you have any further queries about inviting distinguished visiting lecturers and professors, please contact the International Office at:

  • Telephone: +27 (0)46 603 8217


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