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Distinguished Lecturer

Distinguished Visiting Lecturer/ Professor Award

The Distinguished Visiting Lecturer or Professor Award is an award that is granted to academics nominated by Rhodes University staff. Should you be invited as per this Award, your invitation will explicitly stated that you are invited as a Distinguished Visiting Lecturer/Professor. If you are invited in another capacity, the Department who has invited you will be responsible for all your needs.

Welcome to Rhodes University and Congratulations on being invited as a Distinguished Visiting Lecturer or Professor!

Your invitation by the University means that you are recognised by Rhodes as a Distinguished Academic in your field. Rhodes is proud to host you for your stay.

This page serves to provide you with information that will be useful for your stay at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa. Throughout your stay at Rhodes, the Department(s) that invited you should serve as your first port of call for all queries. The International Office is here to assist you with any queries you may have regarding VISAs, medical aid, banking and exchange rates, and with airport transfers and travel arrangements. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are in need of information or assistance. 

Provisions for Distinguished Visiting Lecturers and Professors:

Rhodes University will provide the following for all visiting lecturers and professors:

  • Economy-class airfare from the point of departure to Port Elizabeth Airport,
  • Accommodation for your period of stay in Grahamstown,
  • A daily subsistence for the period of stay.

(Please note: Rhodes does not pay honoraria nor does it cover expenses incurred by members of the Lecturer’s/Professor’s families.)

Commitments for Distinguished Visiting Lecturers and Professor:

As part of your stay at Rhodes, you will be expected to give a public lecture during the course of your Lectureship/Professorship and several other formal lectures. You are also expected to take part in informal discussions with staff and students, and to submit a written report following the Lectureship/Professorship. These obligations give you the opportunity to contribute to the high level of education available at Rhodes and to increase the level of internationalisation that the students are exposed to. Once again, the Department(s) who invited you will provide all the necessary arrangements for you to fulfil these obligations.

Please also read the Vice-Chancellor's Welcome.

We are proud to host you and hope you enjoy your stay!

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