Important Information for International Students

Dear International Students,


The International Education Association of South Africa (IEASA) received a Directive from the Minister of Home Affairs yesterday evening.


The  decisions in the Directive are different to the guidance previously provided, as it has now become clear that some of the technical systems regarding fast-tracking police clearances are not yet in place.


The new directive only applies to students who intended to finish and leave South Africa by December 2016 ONLY.


It has been directed that you now need not apply for a visa extension. Your visa will be considered valid until the 31st of March, 2017.


If you are an affected final year (post and undergraduate) or a study abroad student, you need to make yourself known to the International Office.


Please do this by sending all your details and any specific queries to the


We will collate the main queries and communicate a response to all affected.


Each student identified will be given a copy of the Directive which you must keep on you at all times, especially when travelling, so as not to run into any problems at the ports of entry.


You will also be given a letter on a university letterhead, stamped and signed off by an university official.


Please note that all other students have to go through the normal process for extending their visas.


Kind regards,


Ms Orla Quinlan

Director: International Office