Important Reminders for International Students

Please find below some information which is crucial for international students.


Police Clearance


SA Police Clearance Certificates (PCCs) for International students: If you need a new visa for 2017, you can start applying for PCCs from August 2016.

PCCs remain valid for six months and must be valid on the date of submission of your application.

If everyone waits until November, backlogs develop and PCC issuing is delayed.

If you fail to get your new visa before the current visa expires, there are serious consequences. Please avoid getting into this situation


Visa Reminder


Some International students were registered on a provisional basis, with permission from the Department of Home Affairs, while waiting for visas to be processed.

These students are reminded to bring copies of their visas to the International Office for updating the University records immediately.

Everyone should have received their visas by now and it is important to let the International Office know if you have experienced delays, which need specific follow up.