Types & Costs

Financial Implications

There are two different types of exchange programmes:

  1. Full Exchange: You pay Rhodes fees for accommodation and tuition and get the same on the other side.
  2. Half Exchange: You pay Rhodes fees for tuition but must pay for your own accommodation at the host institution.

In all exchange programmes, the student is responsible for the following expenses:

  • Return flights
  • All visa-related expenses
  • The medical aid or insurance stipulated by the host institution
  • Any deposits required by the host institution
  • Stationary, textbooks, printing charges, sport clubs and societies
  • Pocket money

Students participating in exchange programmes usually spend in the region of R35 000, including travel costs, but excluding tuition and accommodation expenses. However, please note that some of the programmes have already made provision for financial assistance and the International Office is able to assist in some cases. Please be aware that payment of all fees is due by the dates indicated in the Rhodes Fees Booklet sent out to you at the beginning of each year. 

Financial Support

If you will be needing financial assistance, please communicate with the international officer upon application. The Rhodes International Office can assist you with finding funding. Some partner universities in countries such as the UK, Germany and the USA have access to funding assistance for students going on exchange. Please note that it is very rare that students will get all expenses covered.

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