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Postgraduate Diploma in Media Management:

 Applications to study in 2022 are OPEN!!!


The Postgraduate Diploma in Media Management (PGDip in Media Management, popularly known as the PDMM) is an intensive, year-long full-time (or 2 years - online/distance) programme accredited at the honours degree level (NQF Level 8) by South Africa’s Qualifications Authority (SAQA). The programme is offered annually by the Sol Plaatje Institute for Media Leadership at Rhodes University.

Launched in 2004, the PDMM provides an insider view of how successful and sustainable media organisations operate in rapidly changing and discontinuous contexts that mark today's media landscape. The programme develops the strategic knowledge, understandings and work competencies that media managers and leaders need to apply to run media organisations in the public, commercial and community sectors sustainably and ethically in the 'age of participatory and transient journalism'. It focuses on the management of people, media markets and media audiences, the role and place of digital and social media technologies in the multiplatform media industry and what all of these mean not just to the industry but to our globalising world. The programme also focuses on outcomes-based learning and fast-tracks graduates into mid-level media management positions by giving them an edge in their work competencies and applied knowledge of the media industry in Africa and internationally.


Media Management Contexts, Policy and Institutions
Media Management and Leadership
Human Resources Management
Managing Markets, Audiences and Advertising
Financial Management and Media Economics
Managing Media Content
New Media and Convergence
Media Distribution and Circulation


Full-time Postgraduate Programme: Applicants should ideally have completed an undergraduate degree from a recognised university. Experienced media practitioners with diplomas in journalism or mass communication studies will also be considered.
Online/Distance Postgraduate Programme: An undergraduate degree in any discipline. Consideration will be given to admit students based on the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) provided that these students have been in the media industry for at least five years and have a diploma and/or advanced certificate in a cognate discipline (e.g. Diploma in Journalism or Advanced Certificate in Marketing and Communications).


If you wish to apply for the Post Graduate Diploma in Media Management Course and you are NOT currently registered at Rhodes University, please complete and sign the form labelled Application for Admission: Honours and Post Graduate Diplomas (External Applicants) and the Additional Form (found on our website www.ru.ac.za/spi). Together with these forms, you will need to submit your CV, academic transcript & letter of motivation (500 –1000 words) on why you would like to do this course. Once your application has been received, it will go through the selection process and you will be informed if you have been accepted on the course. (Selection process starts early November).


Course fees for 2022 will be decided by the University Senate in November.


The closing date for PDMDM applications is Friday, 14 January 2022. Individuals applying for the part-time programme who want to be considered for RPL should send their applications before the 30th of November 2021.

Application forms should be sent to:
Student Administration
The Registrars Division Rhodes University
PO Box 94 Makhanda/Grahamstown 6140
South Africa

Please copy the PDMM Coordinator s.mbengashe@ru.ac.za when sending the application.

For more information: Please check details on the website of the Sol Plaatje Institute for Media Leadership (www.ru.ac.za/spi) at Rhodes University. Or contact Sibo Mbengashe, the Administrative Coordinator of the course, at s.mbengashe@ru.ac.za; telephone 046-6038851.

Downloadable Documents and Forms:

PDMM Overview & Summary

Application for Admission: Honours & Post Graduate Diplomas (External Applicants)

Application for Admissions: Hons Internal Applicant

Additional PDMM Form 2022

Please Note: The outbreak of COVID-19 has led to the declaration of a national state of emergency and announcement of a lockdown with a huge impact on the academic project at the University. The SPI, Rhodes University has embarked on alternative means of teaching involving mainly blended learning, with learning content made available to all students by online and offline means. Offline means include, paper-based interactive learning content and preloaded flash drives which are couriered timeously to the students/course participants.

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