The Language of Learning and Teaching (LoLT)

In order to support the development of academic literacy CHERTL will be requested to:

  • Offer support to staff in the development of curricula, the construction of personal teaching portfolios and the optimal identification of valid and reliable assessment strategies so as to ensure that literacy development is facilitated and that the assessment of language use is valid and appropriately weighted;
  • Promote and support the creation of initiatives and materials that support the development of academic literacy.

Academic Faculties, Schools and Departments will be requested to:

  • Continuously evaluate the extent to which curriculum and teaching-learning methods are appropriate for those for whom English is an additional language as well as the extent to which they facilitate the students’ ability to use English as the language of learning and teaching;
  • Explore ways in which African languages can be used as resources in meaning-making in relation to disciplinary knowledge, for example through compiling multilingual glossaries;  
  • Where appropriate and practicable, allow and facilitate the writing and examination of theses in languages other than English.

The Registrar’s Division, Data Management Unit, RULC will be requested to:

  • Carry out an annual survey during registration to ascertain the linguistic demography of the university students.

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