Courses and modules increasing students’ ability to communicate in a diversity of languages

a)      Courses designed for students who have no previous knowledge of a particular language: this includes

  • In Language Departments:
    • French Preliminary (French 1P)
    • German 1
    • Chinese 1
    • Greek
    • Latin
    • IsiXhosa
  • Modules in courses offered by the Linguistic Dept:
    • African Linguistics
    • Japanese
    • Sign language

b)      Courses introducing students to the use of language within specific vocational settings – both for first language speakers and non-mother tongue. This is represented by the isiXhosa courses in Law, Pharmacy, Education, Journalism. This is yet to be afforded for Afrikaans. 

c)       South African Sign Language is offered as an undergraduate module within the Department of English Language and Linguistics as their Linguistics 2 & 3 combined course every second year.

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