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Title: JDE: The South African Original Cryptic Crossword


Author: George Euvrard

 Copyright: George Euvrard. Used with his permission


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Review by Jonathan Ancer


Department of Zoology and Entomology, Rhodes University


Title: IziNambuzane: IsiZulu names for insects

Authors: Jessica J. Cockburn, Ben Khumalo-Seegelken, Martin H. Villet

Type: Article


We provide a tool for communicating about insects in isiZulu to facilitate research and knowledge sharing in
the fields of indigenous knowledge, cultural entomology, environmental education and community extension
involving isiZulu speakers. A total of 213 different names for 64 insect specimens were encountered among a
sample of 67 respondents in 11 communities distributed across the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
This list includes 93 names that can be considered core isiZulu vocabulary and which are widely used to
identify insects that are agriculturally, medically, domestically, culturally or ecologically common or significant.
Substantial variation was found regarding the names for particular insects, especially between regions,
suggesting dialectal differences between isiZulu speakers. Grammatical and social variation in names was
also recorded. This study highlights interdisciplinary teamwork in the field of indigenous knowledge research
and the influences affecting the standardisation of South African languages for technical and scientific work.



School of Languages and Literatures

African Languages



Title: Languages aren't racist, people are.

Authors: Russel Kaschula; Zakeera Docrat And Monwabisi Ralarala.

Brief Introduction: Linguicism can be linguistically argued to be racism, but the reality is that pupils will learn best in the language they understand best.

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