Call for Exhibitions and Posters 2015

Responding to multilingual challenges and opportunities in the Higher Education curriculum

Due date 21 August 2015

Call for exhibitions & posters 2015 (PDF Version)

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Background:   South Africans have a rich linguistic heritage.  Many of us are fluent in several languages and are able to communicate in several more.  We draw on these multilingual repertoires daily to communicate, to learn and to create our identities.  This diversity is something to be celebrated but it also raises challenges and opportunities.  The Rhodes University, through the Language Committee, is raising awareness about Multilingualism in Higher Education. 

One avenue to raise awareness is through the Annual Multilingualism Colloquium which celebrates linguistic diversity and multilingualism and also explores the challenges and opportunities it raises for Higher Education.  This year the colloquium is on 22 September from 4pm to 8pm in Eden Grove Red.  All are welcome to attend and participate.

In addition, Rhodes University holds an annual Multilingual Creative Writing Competition to encourage the development of young writers and performers, to encourage the development of uniquely South African multilingual genres, to validate the use of multilingual registers as literary mediums and to form a creative space where issues of language, identity and culture can be explored through the languages we use every day.

Call details

This year, the colloquium will start with an exhibition & poster session with the broad theme of “Interrogating multilingualism in Higher Education”.  Exhibitions & posters may be on any aspect of how staff and/or departments/divisions/sections have responded to the linguistic diversity of our students and context and/or incorporated it into research, teaching, community engagement or student services etc.  For instance, this may include changes in curriculum broadly construed (e.g. teaching and assessment practice, subject content, orientations to teaching and learning etc.) or any other facet of the multilingual student experience at Rhodes University (e.g. community engagement, service learning, mentoring, providing services to students, policy development etc.) 

Examples might include:

  • Drawing on multilingual repertoires in teaching and research
  • Creating multilingual learning experiences
  • Validating multilingual identities in the classroom or beyond
  • Developing multilingual teaching resources
  • Responding to students needs through multilingual repertoires
  • Responding to student fears and concerns around multilingualism
  • Theorizing academic identity as multilingual identity
  • Exemplifying novel initiatives.

We would like to emphasize that engaging with the multilingual realities of our students’ experiences is something that affects the entire university.  Consequently, this call is open to all staff, departments, divisions and sections at Rhodes University including academic and support sections.  We would particularly like to encourage submissions from support sections of the university.

Abstracts must be submitted by 14 August 2015 and may consist of at most 1xA4 page of text and 1xA4 page of tables, graphics and references (12pt Times New Roman, single spaced with 2.5cm margins).

After the abstracts have been assessed, accepted candidates will be notified so that they can develop their posters & exhibitions.  Each candidate will be allocated a standard 60cmx180cm poster board and they may to fill creatively it as they see fit (e.g. traditional poster, audio-visual, display table, powerpoint display etc.).

Exhibitions & posters will be exhibited from 4pm to 6pm on 22 September in the Foyer of Eden Grove and authors are expected to be available to discuss their posters with interested people.  Finger snacks and drinks will be served from 5.30pm.

The poster session will be followed by the Annual Multilingualism Colloquium.


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