Hall Coat of Arms

 The symbols in our Hall Coat-of-Arms represent the following:

Mandela Hall Coat of Arms

Horseman: Symbolises our place within the Rhodes University community;

Shield/assegaai: represent strength & awareness, the readiness to battle for truth, symbolic of our African heritage;

Shells: symbolise our links to Grahamstown;

Elephant: represents our link to Nelson Mandela, symbolises wisdom, strength, majesty/statesmanship, courage, concept of ubuntu;

Aloe: plant associated with the Eastern Cape, symbolic of resilience, ability to withstand adversity, has healing properties;

Book: symbolic of our commitment to the pursuit of learning and research;

SA flag: symbolic of the new hope engendered by the flag in the new SA, symbolises our commitment to the principles of freedom and democracy.

Motto : Amandla (Strength)
Umanyano (Unity)
Ubudlelwana (Fellowship)

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