ANC's rhetoric is no longer connected to reality

When language is alive and searches for new ways to illuminate reality and possibility, it can attain real power. Philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre wrote:

Please pay university fees, says ANC

Johannesburg - Parents who could afford to pay university fees should do so to avoid a total shutdown and dysfunctioning of the country’s institutions of higher learning

Feminism could offer a new way to solve the #FeesMustFall crisis

There has been a breakdown of trust in South Africa’s higher education sector

The History, and Controversy, Behind the Rhodes Scholarship

The legacy of the British colonialist Cecil John Rhodes has sparked angry protests from Cape Town to Oxford. In the wake of the #RhodesMustFall campaign

Which Story?

It has been said that leaders are not made during a crisis, they are revealed.

If Zuma goes, what is to follow

South Africa is in the grip of multiple crises. It is not just the one brought on by the firing of Nhlanhla Nene in December

How academics can change the world

Very few academics do a great deal to share their often important and relevant research with the general public. What's holding them back?

'Make blacks feel at home'

Former white universities have to work harder in changing their institutional culture so that black students do not feel alienated.

Op-Ed: 40 years after the Soweto uprisings, is SA reverting to a repressive state?

Since the Marikana massacre in 2012, several journalists, academics and media commentators have argued that South Africa is reverting to a repressive state. Some have even used the term “police state” to describe post-Marikana South Africa. By JANE DUNCAN.

Vicky Heideman: From the silence: A response to Deborah Seddon

There is currently a toxic “you are either with us or against us” type narrative expressed by the #RUReferenceList movement, which has silenced those who have any form of concerns to raise against it. I do hope that this response in itself will break that silence and pave the way for some more meaningful engagement by all concerned persons

Deborah Seddon: ‘We will not be Silenced’: Rape Culture, #RUReferencelist, and the University Currently Known as Rhodes

It began with a list. Eleven men’s names and the words “et al” (meaning “and others”). Nothing more. No descriptions were offered. No allegations were made. In a wry gesture towards the academic requirements against plagiarism in any student’s written work (an offence which can mean exclusion from the university) the post was entitled “Reference List”.

Rehabilitate SA to break the cycle of violence

Johannesburg - Something inside me dies when I see visuals of a community burning down public infrastructure during a service delivery protest.

Varsity fees could rise by as much as 6% next year despite #FeesMustFall

IN A move that could reignite #FeesMustFall protests, university fees could rise as much as 6% in 2017 following a 2016 moratorium that has set institutions and the state back billions of rand.

#FeesMustFall 'no longer about fees'

It’s time to face the reality. The “revolution” on our campuses is not primarily about university fees any longer. Nor is it about the “decolonisation” of the curricula.

What must fall: fees or the South African state?

The polarising effects of #FeesMustFall are now pervasive in the academy, and probably beyond. Academics turn on each other, as do their schools and faculties.