Harilaos (“Hari”) Tsikos (MSc, PhD)

Associate Professor & Head of PRIMOR


Hari Tsikos is the leader and driving force behind PRIMOR; he hails from the city of Athens in Greece, where he spent the first 23 years of his life. In July 1991, he graduated with a 4-year BSc degree in Geology from the National University of Athens. He subsequently enrolled at Rhodes University in South Africa, where he obtained an MSc in Economic Geology in April 1994, followed by a PhD in Geology under the supervision of the late Prof. John Moore. Immediately upon submission of his PhD thesis in March 1999, he became involved in a series of post-doctoral research projects: he first worked with Prof. Nic Beukes at the University of Johannesburg (then RAU) until June 2000; later with Dr Hugh Jenkyns at Oxford University between September 2000 and July 2003; and finally with Prof. John Parnell at Aberdeen University, between May 2004 and September 2005.

Hari joined Rhodes University again in October 2005, this time as full-time, permanent academic staff, initially at senior lecturer level. He teaches aspects of Economic Geology, Low-temperature Geochemistry and Earth History across all levels of study (undergraduate to MSc), and has been involved in field-trip instruction for senior undergraduate as well as postgraduate classes throughout his academic career. His research interests and activities fall under three key complementary fields:  

  • Origin of sedimentary deposits of iron and manganese;
  • Biological evolution and history of oxygen in the atmosphere and oceans around the Archaean-Proterozoic boundary; and,
  • Oceanic Anoxic Events as archives for Mesozoic oceanography and climate.

His research philosophy combines standard field and petrographic work, along with a variety of geochemical applications that primarily include stable isotopes (traditional and novel), trace elements, speciation techniques and organic geochemistry at bulk and molecular level. To date, he has published 30 papers in the peer-review literature and presented around the same number of talks/posters at international conferences and workshops. He has also supervised 5 MSc research students to successful completion, and is currently (co)-supervising a total of 8 MSc and 3 PhD students, respectively 3 and 1 of whom are registered part-time.

Contact details

Voice(W): +27 (0) 46 6038511
Cell: +27 (0)725131713
E-mail: h.tsikos@ru.ac.za


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