Hari with Mike Dwayne mid-discussion at a manganese pit in Postmasburg in 2019

Vlassis in the PRIMOR bakkie with hematite-rich mud stripes after a hard day's work in the field in 2014



The first generation PRIMOR members at Earthfest 2014

Paul, Xolane, James, Donald, Mamello, Stephen and Mawande (2nd Generation) at the PRIMOR colloquium in Khathu 2017



Hari, Marius Burger and Christelle van der Merwe during a coffee break at the 2017 Colloquium

 Paul presenting his PhD thesis at the Colloquium


 Xolane doing labwork at the University of California, Riverside 2016

 W.Moloto and D.Cousins preparing core samples at Khumani Operations' core shed


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