Lauren Gericke

Supervisor: Hari Tsikos
Sponsors: Angloamerican Ltd


Lauren hails from the Limpopo Province and did her undergraduate studies in Geology at the University of Pretoria. She obtained her Honours degree from the same University in 2009. Thereafter, she was employed in the mining sector and she currently finds herself as member of the iron-ore exploration team of Angloamerican Ltd, based near the town of Postmasburg in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. Since early 2014, she has been working on her MSc studies on a part-time basis, which focus on the mineralogy, geochemistry and origin of Ba/Mn/Na geochemicalanomalies in conglomeratic iron ore in the wider geographical area around Postmasburg. Lauren enjoys the outdoors and photography.

Project title

Mineralogy, geochemistry and origin of conglomeratic iron ore at farm Langerwacht, Northern Cape Province, South Africa, with emphasis on anomalous enrichments in Mn, Na and Ba.

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