Ndifelani Oriel Nkabelane

Supervisor: Hari Tsikos
Sponsors: Rio Tinto Ltd.


Oriel completed his undergraduate degree in Environmental Geology and Mining at the University of Venda and went on to obtain an Honours degree in Geology at University of Venda. His honours project was on Coal Deposition and a Palaeo-environmental Reconstruction of the Tshipise Basin, Limpopo Province. He has spent eight years in the exploration industry working for Rio Tinto Exploration, gaining experience in exploration of base metals (Ni-Cu), coal and iron ore. He has worked mainly in Southern Africa (Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique and South Africa). He is currently working on his thesis dealing with the characterisation of the Masoke Iron Formation in the Kanye Basin, Botswana, in order to better understand the depositional setting and diagenetic processes that played a part in its formation and constrain localised alteration processes that have led to the development of high grade iron ore in the same rocks. His extramural interests include: playing and watching soccer, church, travelling, construction and spending time with family.

Project title.

Petrography and Geochemistry of  the Masoke Iron Formation and its iron-ore potential in the Kgalakgadi District, Botswana.

Contact details

 E-mail: oriel.nkabelane@gmail.com



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