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Ntseka Masoabi

Ntseka Masoabi a MSc student with PRIMOR enjoying a cup of coffee


Supervisor: Prof. Harilaos Tsikos




Ntseka Masoabi is an international student at Rhodes University, Grahamstown/Makhanda, South Africa. Born and bred in Lesotho, he moved to Grahamstown/Makhanda to pursue a BSc degree, majoring in Geology and Environmental Science, and, a year later, Honours degree in Geology. He is currently studying towards a Master of Science degree in Geology, undertaking a project which strives to elucidate the primary controls of sedimentary thickness variation between two drillcores capturing the lower part of the Hotazel Formation stratigraphy. A strong believer in the infinite power of the human spirit, Ntseka Masoabi dedicates a large portion of his spare time in reading books of various forms of literary genres, running and participating in local volunteering programs.


Project title

Chemostratigraphy of the lower part of the Hotazel Formation, and implications for the primary depositional environment

Contact details

ntsekamasoabi@gmail.com/ g14m4228@campus.ru.ac.za

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