William Moloto

Supervisor: Prof. Hari Tsikos
Co-supervisor: Prof. Gary Watkins (RU)
Sponsor: ASSMANG Ltd


William completed his BSc degree with majors in Chemistry and Geology at Rhodes University in 2012, and obtained his Honours in Chemistry in 2013, also at Rhodes University. For his Honours project, he dealt with the development of a metal nanoparticle-based diagnostic probe for colorimetric detection of gamma glutamyl transferase. His current research focuses on assessing chemical variations of texturally diverse high-grade iron-ores hosted in rocks of the Transvaal Supergroup in the Northern Cape Province, with special emphasis on their non-ferruginous fraction. To this end, he employs a variety of bulk-rock as well as partial chemical dissolution techniques, in combination with whole-rock geochemical analyses and basic ore petrography. His extramural interests include playing soccer, athletics and listening to music.

Project title

A geochemical study of texturally diverse types of high-grade iron-ore in the Transvaal Supergroup, South Africa, with emphasis on the non-ferruginous component.

Contact details

E-mail: g09m3745@campus.ru.ac.za; william.moloto@gmail.com
Cell    : 0767288310   

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